Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the Wednesday of...

A lot of things going through my head these few months. But I am just not good on paper in expressing what and how I feel.

I am passionate about fashion, music and the environment.

I had a good 9 months in Brisbane studying Environmental Management. I sure hope the experience I have gained and the things I have learned will not be forgotten or Slowly slipping away from my mind. There is just so much we could do with this country of mine but there isn't enough positive motivation and initiatives. Faith and optimism is the best bet don't I say, for now!

So I am back home and waiting for the week of next of V-day for my trial run in a Turtle Conservation in an island. As psyched as it sounds, at the same time I am so nervous, but will be an unforgettable experience.

Dilemma strikes: THE NEED for every NORMS - money. The need for every environmentalist - experience.
I do hope I will choose the right path. Only God knows when.

I would love to share things and thoughts I have on my mind about fashion in this blog, but unfortunately I haven't got a clue where or how to start. OBVIOUSLY, I am no Scott Schumann nor Garance Dore or even Maegan. But these are one of few blogs I was inspired by.

I am no fashion guru nor fashionista, but I know I am capable of pulling things out from my wardrobe and express what I feel like wearing- most of the time its just CASUAL + my HAVAIANAS.

So I LOVE HAVAIANAS and handbags. both necessary and convenient. =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A night where I shall redo my review....NOT!!!

So I've been seating me a** off waiting for my mood to come along and continue writing my report. BUT NO........browsing the net was more intriguing. and so......

I would not dare to say that I literally follow and comment on bloggers. BUT I LOVE The Sartorialist by Scott Schumann and I have been one of those silent followers,stalking behind the shadows and on day to day basis I would be refreshing my daily cuppa 'The Sartorialist'. As of today though, I will be following the same footsteps following Garance Dore'. I was aware she is Scott Schumanns GF but I just don't know why it did not cross my mind to google her. =)

So I did.....and I find her funny. Or would I say,....fashionably funny. hehe. I love European fashion. The way they bring and express their passion in fashion.

(I know I wish bout so many things)

I wish I can express boldly in fashion sense as to make the statement. Not 'a'. I think in a way back where I am from, there is just so much restrictions....personally.

And now when I am living abroad...I am still at this still position where everything I wear is just mainly comfort and in a comfort zone. GET IT?!

While I was waiting for the mood to do my report, I was taking silly pictures on my Macbook with one of my hsemate,Singaporean...her name, Alicia. hehe! was fun. free,cheap and express entertainment. I'll share one picture of us okeh.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a day of nasi dagang...HOPEFULLY.

well nots it 4.41pm....6pm im off for my Nasi Dagang.Hopefully ada lagi ...n hopefully sedap.apparently not so good on the malaysian cooking for a malaysian here...for the price that i pay that is. ignore it if u dont get what im saying.

my day to day routien would be....heading for classes either at 4pm or 2 pm. monday to thursday.

after im done..head bk home...n cook.weehee..if not head home,..ill be in the library n hang out.not so much though.but love that i have some time on my own. PEACE and CALM.

yesterday was my first success cooking sambal manis ikan bilis.but i malas nak peram dalam air keras skit.but was so proud of

have always known i can cook for my OWN satisfaction.but too lazy to practice it everyday.

have a sweet confession,bought a BB Curve 8520.should have been arriving today but NOOO.its not.and orang kat sini on time je when it comes to shift. almost 5pm.means..wait for tomoro. hahahah.oh laid back as they are.whatever.

these few weeks i was on an ebay craze.not to worry.ive promised myself. and for u not to find it.....unless u see me.soon.kekekekek.

hopefully get to take some nice pictures today.hmmm.......

have 3 assignments.

1 due next week.
2 due early may.

so much reading.its a GOOOOOD thing.but...when i space out...thats just it for yes....i still like what i am doing.

to be continued......

as the journey step at a time.

From Brissy...with LOVE.


Monday, January 4, 2010

It is 2010!!!!

HAPPY 2010 Everyone.

Well since my last updated blog was in June of 2009 ( i think).... I am just passing through since its 2.49 am and I have successfully manage to watch 2012.WOOT!!! YES not related at all to what so ever the purpose of why am I blogging at this moment of time. I JUST FELT LIKE BLOGGING. That is it. ha ha.

Since most of my dear friends decides to settle down with their better half this year. I decided to settle down with my own great awesome half - me.
{ me : Hey there how ist going?
me : Oh not too shabby. its going awesome. and u?
me : Its cool its cool. Going with the flow. }

As you are reading this if there is anyone. I am still sane. ;) Just trying to living and loving it.

New year resolution:

* I would not even want to share with you all the things I should resolutionise (i don't care if it is not even a word).

But I would say completing my Postgrad Dip in Env Management with flying colours (hopefully into Masters) and being more health conscious would be the main focus. AMIN.

So much going through my mind mentally and emotionally and I think it is starting to grow rapidly...annoys my mind.

I have this sense of isolation and frustration. I would not want to reveal more of what is going through my head. But what I foresee and I is something I have to deal with alone.

Always have anyway.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take Action

Actions you can take now

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Could it be an interest or could it be just a dream?

I've always wandered and wonder what do I want to do with my life? My parents are both scientist. As for their last child, engineering was her interest....or so I thought.

These few years, I noticed that I have always had this curiousity and interest on biology. I would be studying in the library and during my break time I would actually go to the shelves labelled as 'Biology'. I would glance through the books and read bout the little details.

Did you know that our hair , its base chemical compounds are carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) and the way their chain connects to each other defines your hair becomes curly or straight?

Well..if you do or don't know, I am just sharing my thoughts.

But its fun isn't it? Hehe. Well it is for me at least.

The beach and the ocean, always been the place I will always call paradise on Earth. Aside from my craze for shopping. So again these few years, I notice that I have a passion for Marine. So the idea of Marine Biology or Marine Science would be something I would really want to pursue.

But with my previous experience from high school, selected IT but then my teacher sucked big time and also 'Thank you' to my school for making us as the first batch and weren't taken care of.

Then came Matriculation, I got into Physical Science.

And the rest is history and now I have a degree in Engineering.

I do have strong passion for fashion and marine science. But I think I'm at a point where my worries and fears have taken over.

And its too late to turn back the clock and do it all right again. Isn't it.

Well,I am too sleepy to type more.

Will talk about this again..soon. Hehe.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One out of a million memories.

Last years birthday celebration was such a treat. 2 huge birthday cakes was simple but great.

Was overwhelmed with the celebration alongside with my darling bestfriends.

Last year did not start out great nor it ended good. But it was the year where I have learned a few lessons on Life.

I know for sure everything happens for a reason and as time passes by Allah will show the 'hiqmah' to us all.

There isn't much to say at this point of time since this is just something I came across just to get an idea. So pardone mua , if its a bit dry.Til next time.

C'est la vie.